The job of governors, all of whom are volunteers, is to help make Carlton Central Infant School & Foundation Unit give the best possible start in life to every individual child. 

This falls into three key areas:

 Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

  • We help to take a long term view of what the school should be aiming to achieve. 
  • We think it is vital that school, families and the community work together and all have a part to play.  Our updated Home-School Agreement underlines the responsibilities we each have.
  • Working with the school leadership team, we ensure that the priorities for school improvement, including Ofsted recommendations are at the centre of school development and progress is regularly monitored.
  • We are involved in the recruitment of staff.  We look for teachers and teaching assistants who have the skills and experience to encourage enthusiasm and hard work from every child.  We also recognise that everyone who works at Carlton Central Infant School & Foundation Unit makes a valuable contribution.

Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils

  • We receive detailed termly reports from the headteacher which we examine critically.  These cover not only important statistics about children’s academic progress and achievement, but include wide ranging information about attendance, safeguarding, behaviour, support for children who are disadvantaged or have special needs and staff development.
  • Nominated governors, with the support of a professional adviser, formally appraise the headteacher’s performance against agreed targets each year.  All governors receive information about the annual appraisal of all teachers.  This process is linked to their pay progression.
  • In addition to visits to support school activities we have a programme of monitoring visits to see the school in action and ensure that improvements planned are being carried out.

Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

  • Governors’ first financial duty is to ensure that funds are targeted at areas for development that have been identified in the School Improvement Plan.  A detailed draft budget plan is drawn up by school leaders supported by the office manager each spring for the coming financial year.  Governors discuss options and approve the plan, including which services, such as human resources, payroll administration and grounds maintenance should be bought from specialist providers.
  • Detailed termly reviews of the budget are presented to governors by the office manager, the financial advisers we employ to support the office manager in day to day financial administration.  Trends and amendments due to changing circumstances are discussed and approved.
  • In all matters, governors remain impartial, The Register of Governor Interest is available for inspection in the school office.  It is updated annually, each autumn.  The latest update showed no pecuniary or personal interest logged for any of the current governing body. One governor is related to a current member of staff .